− FAQs −

Below are some useful points but for full information please download our handbook.

− Here’s what we do −

What is the best way to book a studio?

To book a studio or talk to us about our production services click the Contact Us button at the top of the page to message the studio staff, please make sure to include at least the following information:

• A short description of your project

• What day and time do you need the booking to start

• How long you need the resources for.

The more information about your project you can provide us the better we can assist you to book the right resources for your production.

Is there parking at The News Building?

There is no dedicated on-site parking for the News Building at London Bridge, therefore all visitors cars, trucks and vans have to be parked off-site. Here is a list of parking sites in the local area:

UCP, Ewer Street, off Great Suffolk Street, SE1 0UE
NCP, Kipling Street, SE1 3RU
46-50 Gainsford Street, SE1 2NY
Just Park offers occasional private car parks to use.

Is WiFi available in the studios?

WiFi internet connectivity is available throughout the studios area. Speak to the studios staff for access.

Are there makeup rooms/areas?

There is a shared make-up changing room in the main corridor, with barber chairs, makeup and full length mirrors, plug points and TV monitor.

We do not supply makeup for health and safety reasons but we do maintain a list of recommended freelance makeup artists that have worked at the studios.

Can we use our own catering or bring our own food to the studios?

There are a host of external food and drink vendors in the local area including Marks and Spencer, Prét, Leon, Caffe Nero, Pure and many others. Additionally we are a stone’s throw from excellent Borough market.

Food is not permitted in the studios themselves, however we have a green room where food and beverages can be consumed in the studios area.

Do you provide set building services?

There are no facilities to manufacture sets on-site, however you can have sets manufactured off-site and delivered as flats etc. Please speak to the studios staff regarding CAD drawings and the logistics of getting large objects to the second floor.

Do you have any furniture or props?

The studios have a small amount of furniture, including tables and chairs, that can be used for productions and we can also provide details of prop hire companies.

Can I get equipment, props and clothing delivered/picked up from the studios?

Deliveries to the studios can be made via the main goods-in area. Courier and van deliveries do have to be booked in advance with the Goods-In team. Please speak to us to arrange this.

What hours are the studios open?

The Studios are open and  manned during normal working hours only (typically 09:30 – 18:00 BST).

For cover and assistance out of hours please speak to the team at least 48 hours before your event.

If your event does run over, we will take it on a case-by-case basis but please let us know ASAP so we can discuss your requirements..

Do you hire equipment?

We have a small stock of mobile camera, sound and lighting equipment that can be hired out. Speak to us regarding your requirements, if we don’t have something you need our industry contacts will.