− Other facilities −

News Studios have a host of other facilities available for hire alongside the main studios.

These include our LIVE contribution studio, the advanced Edit suite, Make-up and changing room, green room and all the other facilities our location in News UK’s offices provide.

− We can provide −

LIVE The contribution studio

Connected to the Globelynx network, our HD contribution studio is capable of connecting you to any major broadcaster in the world for news and corporate interviews. It can also double as an ISDN studio for Radio interviews and a booth to record PTC videos. The studio includes:

  • HD camera
  • Easy to use touch screen control system
  • 90” backdrop screen with image playback and router feed
  • Broadcast Short rifle microphone
  • In ear monitoring system
  • Acoustically isolated from the building structure to NR20
  • Free WiFi
  • Fully air conditioned

EDIT Flexible Edit and VO Suite

This room is designed to provide a well equipped flexible workspace for video and audio editing, playout control, live graphics, voice-over and more. The room is equipped with:

  • Mac Pro video editing workstation with video ingest and play-out capability
  • Digital Audio Workstation – SADiE 64
  • KVM access to many other systems
  • Router control panel
  • Communications panel
  • Mic Preamp for Voice Over capability
  • Large capsule microphone for VO
  • Flexible audio Monitoring
  • Broadcast monitor speakers
  • SDI preview monitor
  • Acoustically isolated from the building structure to NR20
  • Free WiFi
  • Fully air conditioned

News Studios Shared Technical facilities

News Studios can provide access to a wide rage of technical and other facilities, here’s a selection of what we offer:er:

  • Live Streaming capability with the option of a fully managed end-to-end service
  • Facebook Live, YouTube LIVE, Livestream, Twitter/Periscope & Ustream professional streaming from the studios systems in both 16:9 and 1:1 for mobile
  • Video and Audio Core routing and control means we can feed any source to anywhere – total flexibility
  • Skype TX: Skype for Broadcasters
  • 2x JVC Shoulder mount HD camera with TeraDek IP Video transmitter system
  • Digital signage and still/Quicktime playback
  • Lines to and from tower via the GlobeLynx network and connection to the hundreds of GlobeLynx camera points and authoritative interviewees
  • Massive internet bandwidth
  • HD Portable production system with audio and vision mixer and streaming capability
  • Large screen monitor (65”)
  • BlueRay/DVD recorder player
  • HDV/DV-CAM HD video recorder/player
  • ISDN and IP audio codecs

For our News UK & News Corp customers we can also provide:

  • IPTV channel (News UK’s internal television network for internal customers)
  • Video and audio connection to/from WSJ studios in NY
  • Audio Connection to/from Wireless studios
  • Video and audio connections to/from L7, L11, L12 and L17 for live streamed events and PR work

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