− Studio 1: Video −

A TV production studio ideal for any studio based multi camera productions.

Measuring 9.7m x 6.6m (64 sq.m) x 3.5m (to lighting grid), it comes fully equipped with HD TV production facilities including a control room that is designed to allow for the production of sophisticated programming but also cater for less experienced operators and tightly crewed productions.

− Studio details −


This is a fully specified HD broadcast TV studio with the following facilities:

  • 3x Sony PMW-500 HD cameras with fibre backs and camera comms
  • 3x Shotoku TG-18VR Robotic VR head and iHeight pedestal camera supports with touchscreen control system
  • Allen + Heath iLive IDR-48 with ILIVE-T112 surface digital audio mixer with mimic panel for Solo Operation
  • For-A HVS-390HS 22 input 2ME vision mixer
  • GVG K2 Summit 4 channel HD ingest server
  • BMD HyperDeck SSD Recorder/Player
  • Record Format XDCAM-HD 422 50i (1920x1080i50)
  • Autocue CueBox over-lens prompting system
  • ISDN Codec
  • Touchscreen Studio control system for Router X/Y and control room setup
  • Up to 10 AKG digital encrypted radio mic channels with Sony ECM-77 lavalier mics
  • Two Sennheiser presenter IFB channels
  • Chyron Mosaic 3D broadcast motion graphics
  • Three Camera RT Software ToG Virtual set system
  • Touchscreen lighting control system with optional ETC Ion lighting desk
  • Video floor monitors
  • 60x 2Kw lighting Dimmer channels (48 high level/12 low)
  • DedoLight DLHM4-300DMX tungsten DMX light
  • KinoFlow ParaBeam PAR-210 DMX soft lights
  • Doughty Studio Rail lighting grid
  • 360˚ dual rail cyc track is fitted with black wool serge cyc cloth
  • ReflecMedia Chromatte & LiteRing – Green/Blue screen 12m curtain system
  • 2.4m Colourama background supports
  • Studio space is acoustically isolated from the building structure to NR20
  • Free fast guest WiFi
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Vinyl floor
  • Access to studio shared facilites

Booking suitability

Studio 1 is flexible enough to produce almost any type of programming including (but not limited to):

  • Sports programs
  • Small audience shows (up to 20 audience members)
  • Discussion shows
  • Sofa magazine shows
  • Panel shows
  • Product launches
  • Comedy
  • Reviews (movies, arts, food and drink etc.)
  • Fashion
  • News roundups
  • Music videos
  • Makeup
  • Small film shoots
  • Photography
  • Virtual sets
  • Green screen

…and pretty much anything else that will fit into the studio space!


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− Facility hire −

We can offer basic packages or a fully bespoke service according to your requirements.

− Availability −

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